Do’s and Don’ts for Managing an Opt-In Email List

Do’s and Don’ts for Managing an Opt-In Email ListDo’s and Don’ts for Managing an Opt-In Email List

You simply can’t spend much time marketing on the internet before someone tells you to build an opt-in list.  They say it’s the secret to making a lot of money, that it’s better than blogs, mini-sites, and affiliate programs.  It’s a mantra that gets repeated so often many people simply accept it as a fact.

The problem is, many people start building a list and then have no idea what to do with it.  To get the most out of an opt-in list, you need to know how to handle it correctly.  There is a right way and a wrong way to manage this resource, and learning how to do it correctly will lead to success.

What Not to Do

A lot of people have trouble getting anything out of their list because they go about it the wrong way.  They’re so focused on making a quick buck that they never attempt to build a relationship with their subscribers.  They look at the list like a gold mine and they treat it the same way.

Never pump your list for profits.  These people subscribed to your newsletter to get valuable information and to be updated on new products from you.  They aren’t interested in being spammed with every offer you can find.  Resist the urge to constantly send things to your list, even if this means delaying your big payouts a little longer.

What to Do 

The people who signed up to your opt-in list are subscribers.  Just like subscribers to a magazine or cable channel, they’re interested in receiving high quality content.  They want to be entertained, informed, and kept up to date.  They may buy something but only because you’ve built such a great relationship with them.

Treat your list the way you would treat your website.  You wouldn’t use every blog post to advertise a different product so don’t use each email to advertise something either.  Create dynamic, well written content and add in plenty of graphics.

Remember that people will also receive your email on their mobile devices so give them something they’ll want to read.

Selling to the List 

Once people have gotten used to the high quality of your regular emails, they’ll be more receptive to new products and services.  It can be a great idea to build some pre-launch excitement.

You can begin by gearing all of the newsletter content towards the same subject as the upcoming product.  Something designed to increase traffic, for example, could benefit from a series of articles on traffic generation.

When it’s finally time, send the offer out to your list and see how it goes.  If it needs a little help, you can send it again but with a discount.  If it doesn’t do well, however, do not spam your subscribers.  Just tweak your emails until your results improve.

Your opt-in list can be an incredible resource but, much like a garden, it needs to be carefully tended before you can harvest the profits. To speed up the process and make even more money, get access to my professional lead generation team that gets qualified leads for you.  Just click here!