The New Way to Diversify Your Income

Sales Letter SecretsThe NEW way to Diversify Your Income

There was a very popular way of making money a while back, and it hit mainstream namely because of a book called Multiple
Streams of Income.

Later, the author created another book called Multiple Streams of Internet Income.

And for a while…This worked like MAGIC!!

You could go out, create a little “”money site”” that earns a $100 a month, and then rinse and repeat.

The goal was to create about 20-30 of these sites, and you’d be profiting pretty handsomely.

Again, this USED to work, but not so much today!

There’s just too much competition out there today in every niche to be able to pull this off anymore. And unless you have a huge
team of talented people to run each site for you full-time, it’s a failing business plan.

A much better plan today is to create multiple streams of revenue, from the SAME business.

You do this through offering different products, services, and other opportunities to your customers all at different price-points ranging from low to high.

Here you’re leveraging multiple income streams, but the big difference is it’s coming from the same customer base.

THAT is a winning business model in today’s online economy.

One good way to do this is to think about the lifetime value (LTV) of each customer, and to keep increasing it over time.

If an ideal customer bought each offer you had out there, what would the lifetime value of that customer be?





That’s what you want to be thinking about each day. Ask yourself, “”What can I do today to make my ONE business more profitable?””

Please, don’t take this stuff lightly. If you’re serious about building a profitable online business, this should be literal GOLD to you and can save you years of wasted efforts.

It’s a small shift in thinking, but will create a very powerful result in your profits and how you run and setup your business for the long haul.

The fastest way to get going with this “”New Economy”” centered business, built for profiting in 2014 and beyond, is to leverage


Watch this presentation, and you can have immediately setup for you a business with a customer Lifetime Value of $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 and beyond.

And just so we’re clear here, this means that you’ll be getting commissions, closed by the companies sales system, of $1k, $3k,
$5k, and up. ($9,000+ per customer LTV.)

All you have to do is watch the presentation and then start
building out your new revenue streams in this ONE business.