3 Steps to Increasing Profits from Email Conversion

3 Steps to Increasing Profits from Email Conversion3 Steps to Increasing Profits from Email Conversion

Internet marketers have been shouting “The money is in the list!” for years, and it still holds true in these times of volatile SEO practices and social media.


Your double opt-in email subscriber list is a collection of targeted consumers who have already expressed interest in your product or industry. Once you have them, it seems like it would be easy to sell your product or an affiliate offer to them.

The real secret to making bigger profits (and continuing ones) is to upsell and increase the amount and price point of interesting offers you make to them.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time growing your email subscriber list up from zero. If you want to increase profits from here, you’ll need to increase sales in one of two ways: 1) increase the number of people buying your best-selling product, or 2) increase the number of products sold to the same people.

Most marketing experts will tell you that selling to existing customers is easier than finding new customers to sell to, so I’m going to focus on #2 here. Here’s how…

Step #1: Identify Email List Interest

How do you find out if your email list would be interested in a new product type or similar niche information? Ask them!

Encouraging subscriber interaction can not only improve what you have to offer, but also creates more brand trust and recognition. The personal touch goes far in the business world.

Your options are to set up an email address specifically for fielding newsletter responses, creating a feedback form on your website, or encouraging blog comments through a link in the newsletter.

Step #2: Create or Locate an Upsell Product

The main purpose for building an opt-in email list is to sell your product or service, but after the subscribers buy it, how do you sell to them again?

Here, you’ll definitely need another product to offer—either one of your own or an affiliate product or service.

Upselling is the practice of marketing a more expensive or advanced product or service pack to a customer who is interested in your basic deal. And here’s a huge tip: they are the easiest sales of all to make!

Here are a few types of upsell offers to consider:

  • For service industries, longer memberships and add-on services can all be upsells.
  • If you sell a tangible product, you may offer related products that you either manufacture or retail yourself or through affiliate programs such as Amazon.com.
  • Information product and ebook sellers can easily upsell more books or entire packages by producing the content yourself or finding high-converting affiliate offers to promote.

Step #3: Craft Emails to Focus on Emotions

Emotion sells more of anything than straight practicality. In any industry, people are looking to fulfill a perceived need or desire. Whether you are selling home siding or dog treats, there is an emotion attached to the purchase–security, frugality, the love of their pet—it’s always something!

Do not turn your marketing emails into sob stories, insisting that destruction will rain down upon them if they do not use your product. Instead, identify the problem and solve it for them.

Tired of painting your house every two years? Our home siding lasts 15 years.

Does fluffy have bad breath when he gives you doggy kisses? Our all-natural mint bones can help.

Increasing email conversion profits harkens back to the basics of marketing: identifying a need or want, creating or finding a product to fill that need, and convincing people that product will solve their problems.

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